Meet the Freak

Hi, I’m the vegan freak of my mother’s nightmares.

One Thanksgiving, many rainbows and moons ago, I was chatting with my mom about being a vegan while I ate a tomato sandwich and a jar full of gherkin pickles. She was overwhelmed, she was distraught, she was all aflutter with how and what her sweet baby (I’m the sweet baby yet the oldest and not really very sweet) was going to eat at Thanksgiving dinner. More so, how would she feed me while I was visiting? What ever would we do? I couldn’t very well eat tomato sandwiches everyday she protested (but I happily would, they are delicious and a godsend). So the following conversation took place:

Mama: “Baby, I just don’t know how to feed you now that you are a vegan”

Freaky Daughter: “Mama, you did just fine last time I visited.”

Mama: “Baby, I know, but I can’t only feed you vegan apple pancakes and vegan fried green tomatoes every time you visit.”

Freaky Daughter: “Like hell you can!  Fried green tomatoes are glorious and I want to make a edible blanket out of them so that I can stay warm and be full.”

Mama: “Freaky Daughter, you know I can’t do that. Variety is very important.”

Freaky Daughter: “Ok Mama, I want you to list all the veggies, fruits, nuts, and grains you can think of off the top of your head.”

Mama: “Well let me see. There are potatoes, squash, mushrooms, tomatoes strawberries, apples, bananas, pistachios, oh honey those are your favorite! You’ve always loved pistachios!”

(Freaky Daughter: I won’t list the onslaught of produce, nuts, and grains my mother listed, that list would go over the river and through the woods all the way to grandmother’s house. But you get the general idea.)

Mama: “Well, my sweet baby, I guess there are several things you can eat but, to be honest, I just don’t know what I would combine to make a meal for you, my precious angel.”

Freaky Daughter: “Mom! I have a magnificent idea and you are my inspiration!”

And thus, the idea for Freaky Vegan Daughter was birthed on my mother’s kitchen table as I polished off a jar of gherkin pickles.

I wanted to create a collection of vegan recipes with minimal and readily available ingredients. All of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen or are available at  your local grocery store. No rose scented orange peel rice paper spiralized origami here. Though that would smell and taste better than the Kashi crackers I am currently demolishing. My lovely, sweet, tolerant mother is the inspiration for this site as are the parents of adult children who have opted to embrace a vegan lifestyle. For those parents who live in rural communities and/or may be unsure what to cook, how to cook, what vegan is, or even where to start, I hope you find this site helpful.

I didn’t want to only create a meal and recipe hub for parents of freaky vegans I also wanted to create a safe learning space for newly minted vegans. I remember the frustration of grocery store trips, eating out, and trying to cook wonderfully yummy vegan meals on a budget. Never fear, I am here to help you! So basically, I’m Batgirl, only the last time I tried any ninja moves I ended up falling on my shoulder and busting my lip open.

Back to freaky vegans,  I am excited to share my recipes with you as well as my entertaining stories of veganism, personal embarrassments, and pet names my mother has called me throughout the years. Let’s get freaky!

Mama and her Freaky Vegan Daughter.

mama and freak


Speak up my freaks!

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